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Mind, Body & Soul 

The Farmacy Inc

The home of CannaLife Magazine, Conscientious Canna Community & CannaCation, a community of cannabis & hemp enthusiasts excited to invite you into their Canna Lifestyles. Sharing is caring and we love to offer what we have found globally and across America. CannaLife Magazine offers a look at sustainable lifestyles with hempcrete housing along with Health improvement and educational stories, andvideos to follow along for homemade DIY infused beauty aids. CCC gives you Industry information from firsthand trailblazers, legal professionals, consulting from industry pros, application writing and more. CannaCation can provide you with your next vacation sport or a medical cannabis stay in Seattle to be apart of a cannabis study.

We also offer Subscription Boxes that have by natural remedies treating the mind, body & soul, and not to mention your four legged pal.  

Personalized Skin Care

Award winning, PNW grown marigolds are our primary butter base for most of the skin care products. With all the benefits of marigolds our specialists will help you blend a regimen that best benefits your skin needs for a personalized Self Care Subscription Box. 

Essential Oils & Concentrates 

Our farms Bound By Roots grow herbs, flowers to press & distill into highly beneficial oils and concentrates for you DIY healthcare needs. 

Dietary Aide

Need a shopping list, recipes, learn how to eat for better focus, eat to loose weight, muscle train or need a food tune up. We are here to help you with local food boxes and DIY health shakes for daily consumption. 

Meditation & Exercise

Let our super team help you align, balance, energize and create a plan that works for you mind, body & soul.

Our Studio

FM SPA in Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, is a functional medicine spa with primary care services along with specialty healthcare programs. We are an extension of their services to come to you on your schedule. 

One on One

Need specialized training in your remedies? 

We are here to help!


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